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Welcome to OwlTeach 

OwlTeach is the Secondary Science Education Track within the Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Majors.  Adopted by Kennesaw State University in Fall 2015, the OwlTeach track offers Science Majors a One Degree two Career Paths option. 

Signing up for the one-hour course EDSM 1101 - Step 1: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching,  provides you with:

  • a no commitment opportunity to explore teaching as a career choice 
  • an inquiry-based, hands on science instruction experience at local area school.
  • insights on learning and teaching which can be of value regardless which path you choose

For more information, contact us at (470) 578-4601 or via email at

One Degree = Two Career Options

Students who complete the OwlTeach track graduate from KSU with a BS in Biology, BS in Chemistry, or a BS in Physics while meeting all requirements to become a Secondary Science Teacher.


What’s Great About OwlTeach

OwlTeach gets you into the classroom right from the beginning. It gives you the support of dedicated and experienced master teachers and prepares you to teach effective, inquiry-based lessons. And OwlTeach is flexible—start at any point during your college career.

Early and Continuous Field Experience

With the first courses in the program, Step 1 and Step 2, you get real classroom experience. In Step 1, you and a partner will develop and teach three lessons in a local elementary school classroom. In Step 2, you will develop and teach lessons in a middle school classroom. With this early field experience, you can determine if teaching is right for you. Most of the OwlTeach courses provide opportunities for you to return again and again to classrooms. Read more about UTeach courses here.

Support from Master Teachers

Master teachers are experienced, former middle and high school teachers with advanced degrees who teach OwlTeach courses and supervise your field experiences in area classrooms. Master teachers are singularly focused on providing support as you progress through the program. They model effective classroom instruction and management, provide feedback, and mentor you all the way.

Streamlined Degree Plans

Teacher certification requirements are integrated into compact, four-year STEM degree plans. See and advisor or contact the OwlTeach office for more information.

Inquiry-Based Instruction

A primary goal of the OwlTeach program is for you to understand the fundamental nature and importance of inquiry in all the work that scientists do. Inquiry uses hands-on investigation, problem-solving, and reasoning to enhance student mastery of the content and concepts of STEM subjects, as opposed to rote memorization.

Find Out More!

We also have advisors who work with you while you are in the program and master teachers who will continue to support you even after you graduate and are teaching in your own classroom.